Andy's Statement

Andy Fekete, husband, father, educator, instructional technologist, long-time resident of Algonquin is running for Algonquin Area Public Library Board Trustee.

When I moved to Algonquin, over 30 years ago, one of the first things I did was get a library card. At that young age, I knew that access to the library unlocked information and services beyond my wildest imagination. Working in the field of education, I have seen the importance that a library has on a school. I have led the transformation of the Indian Prairie School District library system into a nationally recognized library program, providing resources, strategies, and connections to bring innovative learning opportunities to our students.

Simply put, I believe that there is no service more important to a community than a library.

Times and technology are changing fast, and the pandemic will have long lasting effects on our community and its library. We need to make sure that our Algonquin Area Library continues to evolve to meet the future needs of our students and community.

As Library Trustee, my focus will center on 3 areas.

📚Strengthening the library’s place within the community by opening access to high-quality digital and physical resources.

📚Centering the library as a place where all residents are able to receive support, services and information.

📚Redefining what a library is in this 21st Century; moving from a place where people simply go to check-out books to one that provides services, programming, materials, and unique experiences and opportunities.

With my background in education, from teaching elementary school and working in this current role as instructional technologist, I am uniquely qualified for this role. I have been recognized by Google for my work in education. I am currently an authorized Google for Education Educator and Trainer. I have had the opportunity to present at local, national and international conferences.

While growing up in Algonquin, I was an altar-server for St. Margaret Mary Church, earned the rank of Eagle Scout through Troop 155, and graduated from Jacobs High School, in 1999. I received my bachelor's degree in education and have continued my study to earn two master's degrees one in educational leadership and the other instructional technology leadership. Now I am excited to once again call Algonquin home. I live here with my wife, who grew up in Algonquin as well, and our two kids.

The Algonquin Library has been an important part of my life growing up here. I want to ensure that our library system continues to stay relevant for our community and our children, but that won’t happen unless people are willing to pitch in and work to make it happen. In my current work with Indian Prairie School District libraries, my background as an educator, and my experience with Google, I am uniquely qualified to support our community in this. I am excited to bring my knowledge and expertise to the library board and to continue to work towards cultivating a space for everyone in our community to be who they are and explore who they can become. That is why I am asking for your vote on April 6th.

Make Your Voice Heard!

Vote Andrew Fekete for Algonquin Library Board District Trustee.